Philadelphia was a trip we didn’t know we so desperately needed until we were already waving goodbye to our friends at the train station, prolonging every moment before our inevitable journey back home. Being that it was only planned a week in advance, I wonder now if it was a sign from the Universe telling us to feed our then-desolate spirits. This trip was special for many reasons: it was our first trip of 2017 (we took it the first week of January), a trip to commemorate Tommy’s birthday, our first time in Philly visiting our friends Paul and Liz, and most importantly, it would be the first trip Tommy took since his recovery.

The Good and Bad

Advice I once gave to a friend:

Bad and good times always come in waves. ‘Cause sometimes I’ll find a $100 bill, and that week I’ll get a raise and promotion at work, and then I’ll get a mention from Britney Spears on Twitter and it’s the best month of my life! Then, the following month I’ll get into a car accident, my identity will be stolen, Britney Spears will mention me again on Twitter and say “sorry meant to @ a different Amy” and it will just be like the worst year of my life! So you just gotta keep your head up until you find that $100 bill.

A Child Of Immigrants

A week ago my mom asked if I would help her Hmong friend create his resume because she really wanted to get him a job at her workplace. I had never met this friend but they had previously worked together for over 10 years.  She said he was a really hard worker but his resume didn’t display any evidence of that. In fact, when I looked at it, it had only four full sentences on it – one which included a misspelling of his own email address. Knowing his English wasn’t particularly proficient I had to spend a lot of time asking detailed questions about his job history and his responsibilities in each role because neither he nor my mom could easily communicate those things. When I completed, what I felt was, a satisfactory resume I sent it to my mom’s boss.